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After a Business School diploma and more than fifteen years in the business world, where I supported organizations and individuals in the transformation of industries and roles, I felt the need to continue in a different way this mission, by putting it at the service of the transformation and the well-being of women and men.

Mother of two boys, very curious and passionate about ancestral disciplines and philosophies, I took advantage of my expatriation to London to explore the path of Traditional Feng Shui, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki by training myself in these various disciplines which, even if their origins and vocabularies are different, have a common goal: increase our self-awareness and personal development.

The approach of Feng Shui that I propose with Maison Alchimie is therefore nourished by these multidisciplinary teachings and my 16 years of experience as managing growth and transformation projects. 

I have the joy today to work with young couples as well as families in important phases of their lives. I work on a wide variety of projects, whether they are constructions, settlements or redevelopments and this, on a very diverse housing typology ranging from the Parisian apartment to the mansion in the countryside or the Victorian house in London.

Each house is unique, each person is unique and this creates infinite richness in my profession.

My Approach

I practice traditional Feng Shui and not Western Feng Shui which is a simplified version. Western Feng Shui divides places into nine sectors and associates with each of them an area of ​​life, determines the facade of a place based on the front door and relies on the placement of objects and the use of colors.


I offer you an approach adapted to our Western culture and your choices, in the purest respect for the teachings that have been transmitted to me.


It is fundamental for me to transmit to you the keys for a good Feng Shui while taking into account your own feelings, your needs, constraints and wishes.


It is not about placing Chinese charms or doing interior decoration but guiding you in the correct arrangement of your place and in the placement of individuals so that everyone is in the best possible energy flow.

My certification as Feng Shui consultant

Professional Traditional Feng Shui Consultant

Certified by Nathalie Lahy, Expert, Coach and Trainer in Traditional Feng Shui.

I belong to the lineage of Master Badema, disciple of Grand Master Choi Park Lai and his son Master Choi Yee Tak, descendants of House Jin Po Tong in Hong Kong.

I am part of the 6th generation to receive the teaching of traditional Feng Shui.

San He formulas, the Three Harmonies
Ba Zhai formulas, the Eight Mansions
San Yuan formulas (The 3 cycles)
24 San Fa (24 mountain method)
Xuan Gong Fei Xin System (Flying Stars)

Ba Zi
Tong Sheng (Calendar)

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, London

ESCP Business School, Paris

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