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Boussole plan.HEIC


Complete tailor-made and personalised Feng Shui expertise

  • Complete tailor-made expertise for an in-depth and personalised implementation of Feng Shui in your home

  • The expertise can be carried out at any stage: in a place where the plans are drawn up and the move is done, such as in a renovation or construction project

Tarifs - ordi.HEIC


First approach to Feng Shui at home

  • General assessment of the potential of the living space 

  • Recommendations to improve the circulation of Qi, the balance of the 5 elements and Yin/Yang



Express diagnosis BEFORE a commitment

(rental, purchase)

  • Analysis of key points related to the environment and the plan 

  • Identification of potential issues that could impact the place for a serene commitment

My Goal: to help you understand how your home is interacting with you and give you keys to your well-being
(NB: depending on each service, the depth of the diagnosis and recommendations varies)

1st stage of the consultation: the diagnosis

The potential of the place, the story it tells for its inhabitants

The diagnosis is based on the combination of several techniques and tools analyzing space and time.

It allows to understand the energetic weather of a place, combining the energy map of the place and the energy profile of individuals.

Macro / micro environment

Orientation of the habitat 

Shape of place

Layout of rooms, doors and windows

Distribution of the energies of the place

Influence of time



Ming Gua number

Astrological sign

Through the story that the place is telling us, we obtain the keys to understand what can echo in our life and to act in order to make our daily life more fluid:

Where am I best supported in my professional projects?

Is my office correctly oriented?

Could a different orientation of our bed improve the energy circulation in the bedroom and by extension help us to unblock certain situations?

Should we pay any particular attention to the health of our family if the protection of our environment is weakened?

How can I improve the relationships I have with others?


2nd stage of the consultation: recommendations

The energy flow, the placement of people at the right time in the right place

At the end of the diagnosis, and following an exchange on the first conclusions and assumptions, some recommendations are formulated to propose solutions allowing to exploit to the maximum the potential of the place by optimizing the circulation of Qi, by supporting the favorable energies and by alchemizing the less supporting ones.

In practical terms, what type of recommendations can you expect?

Here are a few examples, bearing in mind that this will obviously be specific to each place and will depend on the diagnosis, the project considered (construction / total renovation or redecoration of the existing one), technical or financial constraints, as well as your willingness to put in place changes:

Space planning

  • Prefer one room over another to place one's office, or a child's bedroom

  • Invest an unused room to make it a playroom or a reading room

  • Identify the right rooms to spend time in

Optimization of Qi and Yin / Yang balance

  • Place furniture or plants to recreate a harmonious flow of Qi

  • Use light to soften an aggressive Qi

  • Use shapes and colors to balance Yin / Yang

Placement of individuals according to favorable orientations

  • Position people in certain favorable orientations according to their individual profiles

  • Swap the rooms of family members so that everyone is "in the right place"

  • Place the members of a family at the dining table in favorable directions

Placement of main furniture with date selection

  • Position the beds, the sofa, the desk in the best possible orientation

  • Select the best dates to make these actions

Establishment of "remedies"

  • Use materials / shapes / colors based on the 5 elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) to balance Qi, activate certain energies, slow down others

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