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A first approach to Feng Shui at home

Who is this offer for?

To help the decision process of those who wish to assess the potential of a place for which they have fallen in love before committing to a rental or, even more engaging, an acquisition.

To those who wish to calmly validate their commitment and ensure that there is no pitfall from the point of view of Feng Shui.

What can you expect from this consultation?

A general assessment of the energetic quality of the living space. 

The identification of specific issues that may impact your living space, so that you can proceed with your decision knowingly.  

What are the terms?

This service, performed remotely, focuses on the evaluation of the energetic potential of the place based on key elements of the environment / floor plan.

The diagnosis will be shared during an exchange by telephone or video within 24 hours.

The service does not include the production of a written report.

£155 / €175

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