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A first approach to Feng Shui at home

Who is this offer for?

For those who wish to assess the potential of their home and have a first approach to Feng Shui at home.

For those who wish to implement first changes without committing to a full consultation.

What can you expect from this consultation?

The assessment of the Feng Shui potential of your home sweet home, through understanding its strengths and weaknesses.


A set of first recommendations to be implemented with regard to the circulation of Qi, balance of the 5 elements and balance of Yin / Yang.

What are the terms?

This service gives you some keys to understand and implement the main principles of Feng Shui in your home, based on the external environment and photos of your interior. 

During a video call of approximately 1h30, we travel together in the different spaces of your home (based on pictures sent beforehand) to implement changes aimed at improving the Yin Yang balance, the circulation of Qi, the balance of the 5 elements.

Note that the exchange will focus on the main rooms of the habitat and will not necessarily cover all the rooms - this will depend on the surface of the living space. Especially if the place has several bedrooms, the exchange will not necessarily cover all of them individually, but the principles applicable to one can be applied to the others.    


This service is intended for individuals and does not take into account the energy profiles of individuals, it focuses on housing. 

It does not include the production of a written report.

£225 / €255

NB: for more details on the process of a complete expertise, see the FENG SHUI ALIGNMENT offer 

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