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The benefits of Feng Shui

Traditional Feng Shui helps us understand how our homes, and therefore our environment, impacts us from an energetic point of view, and allows us to act on fundamental pillars of our life:

Strong health and increased vitality

Strengthen your physical, emotional or mental health.

Improve the quality of your sleep and increase your ability to regenerate and recharge your batteries.

Fluid and nourishing relationships

Improve the quality of your relationships, in the family, friendship or professional area, or in the couple.

Professional and academic success

Strengthen your professional and financial success, improve your ability to concentrate and your efficiency, your thinking and creative skills and ability to manifest, to move forward.

Support children in their learning.

Personal stability and development

Increase and consolidate your alignment, focus, self-confidence and self-fulfilment.

Feng Shui is based on the optimization of the "Qi" (vital energy)

Qi is this vital breath at the origin of everything. Thus, our living spaces reflect what we experience in our lives and vice versa. When the energy circulation is fluid, it will circulate well among the inhabitants of the place. If an individual presents an energy imbalance or encounters blockages, then this will be reflected in his home.

By making (re)circulate the vital energy in a fluid and harmonious way in the habitat and by untying the knots, Feng Shui allows us to come into resonance with this balance and thus to have a more fluid and aligned life, through key principles:

Harmonious circulation of Qi

It is about the vital breath: this life energy present in all the manifestations of nature, including us as humans, must circulate in a fluid way. An obstructed circulation of Qi will materialise in blockages

Yin / Yang balance

These are variations of Qi and there again a balance is necessary between these two polarities, which are both opposite and complementary

The 5 elements to harmonize spaces

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood are constitutive of the Universe and interact with each other; an imbalance (materialized by a lack, an excess) will impact the quality of Qi

Analysis of space and time

Space and time are intertwined in traditional Feng Shui, as Qi is influenced by space (orientations, geographical sectors) and also by time (seasons, years, months, etc.)

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