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What if you used your workspace to leverage the transformation of your company?

With the gradual return to the office, I read a lot of articles on the importance of well-being in the office, kindness within teams, the need to consider EQ as the key soft skill for tomorrow, to consider less pyramidal management methods, getting rid of the patriarchal management heritage...

Of course, I agree 200% with all these intentions because they put people back at the center of the value chain, they aim at giving them back their right place as an essential link in this chain.

But, we all know, transforming ways of being, ways of doing, ways of managing that have been rooted for years sometimes 1/ is not necessarily natural or easy and 2/ does not happen overnight, even less when the ecosystem in which we evolve does not change, and where the culture and the rules remain the same...

So how to transform the corporate culture, initiate change and sustain it so that it does not remain simple declarations of intent or pious wishes written on new codes of conduct?

I believe that transforming a corporate culture, instilling new behaviours, new ways of working together, new values ​​cannot be done without transforming the link between workspaces and people.

The tools for analysing places that Feng Shui makes available to us allow us to understand the potential of a working place, what it has to offer, what are his strengths and weaknesses. They also make it possible to give everyone their rightful place, to create a framework that is reassuring while giving individuals the ability to rely on the strengths that are available in their work environment, to create spaces that will be adapted to the needs (a management office does not have the same needs as a meeting room) so that they can naturally nurture and support individuals.

Various ways of approaching such transformational project can be considered, whether it is through support in change management in case of a move in new premises, or through a diagnosis of the current place with proposals for space reorganisation, consulting services for architects, workshops with managers and teams to raise awareness, etc.

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