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What if our well-being didn't just depend on a checklist?

It often begins with a crush, after many visits, after having ticked as many boxes as possible from a long list of criteria: light, a spacious living room for friends reunion, a lively neighborhood and a quiet street, a West-facing facade to enjoy sunsets, an easy-going layout so that children can move around easily ... All these criteria are defined by our idea of ​​happiness. Even if we are ready to make some concessions, we project into our living space everything we want to bring in on a daily basis and what we want to live there: softness, comfort, love, moments of joy with family, festive dinners with friends, ideas for a better world, a space for us to meditate and read, discussions by the fireside between lovers on our wildest projects, with our best friend on our next job...

Every single person has his/her own criteria and for the same person, criteria will evolve over the course of their life as we are here to evolve, to grow. And it is only once installed in our new home that we discover our place. Its energies gradually come to danse with ours and it is in this alchemical process that the place reveals to us what we have come to experience.

In reality, it is a mutual encounter: the place chooses us too, to bring us a lot of experiences that we are invited to live as long as we share a part of the journey with it.

Each place has its own unique energy footprint, just as we as humans have our own unique energy footprint. And you have probably noticed that your places of life correspond to different phases of your life. But sometimes, we realize that, despite all the boxes that we had checked, we do not have the life that we expected to have in this new home sweet home, or in any case all the criteria. of our idea of ​​happiness are not fulfilled. We may have the most perfect place according to our criteria, the most incredible one architecturally speaking, the most beautiful one from a design and interior decoration point of view, if the energy dimension of your house is not taken into account, these elements, as perfect as they are, will not be sufficient in the long run to ensure the most complete well-being. By deciphering the place, by understanding its strengths and weaknesses, you can make it the best source of fulfillment for yourself and your family.


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