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Light and its impact on Qi

In Feng Shui, light is essential. No light, no Qi! No Qi, no energy! No energy, no life, so I'll let you imagine what happens next: fatigue, stress, blockages, health problems, etc. Just watch the effect of a grey rainy day on your energy level!! And conversely, observe the energy boost of a beautiful sunny day! It is therefore important to let light in, not to obstruct it, and sometimes even to create it where it is missing or to intensify it where it is insufficient ... In Feng Shui, light, associated with the element Fire, is used to remedy imbalances in Qi: it will calm down too strong Wood energies and strengthen too weak Fire or Earth energies. Light is also a great way to re-circulate stagnant energy at an angle, or to calm an aggressive angle that points at us. It can also soften the overwhelming energy under beams when light is directed at the beams. It tempers the aggressive energy of the corridors and energizes a dark entrance. We will always prefer to use natural light, which is more powerful than artificial light, and we will ensure a good dosage guaranteeing balance and harmony. The light will activate and raise the Qi giving it a Yang dimension. It is therefore necessary to use it while respecting the Yin / Yang balance of the rooms. The entrance in particular must be very bright because this is where the Qi enters. The living room and the kitchen, of Yang nature, must also be bright for a good energy balance. Light is therefore a precious ally in Feng Shui. It helps restore movement, balance, fluidity, life!

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