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How can harmony with the environment support us?

Being in harmony with our environment allows us to save our stamina and get support from the energy of our home or working place to nourish us.

You still have to know how to find this harmony. Being in harmony with our environment means that we have become aware of what surrounds us and that we are ready to connect ourselves with it. When we understand the "personality" of our home, how our own personality interacts with it, we are then able to adopt the right postures, position ourselves and place ourselves in the best energy flows which will bring us protection. and support in life.

Our interior then becomes a precious source of energy to which we will be able to plug ourselves and which will feed us. By getting in tune with where we live, we learn how to rely on what it can offer without having to tap into our own energy reserve and struggle or fight.

When a place, or a room in which we spend time does not provide us with the energy we need, or even brings blockages, we will have to use our own energy and draw on our reserves to move forward, bypass these blockages and achieve our goals. If, on the other hand, we are properly placed and therefore supported by the environment, we will be able to move forward smoothly and without having to compensate for this lack of energy in our environment. Conversely, when we do not or poorly exploit certain places in our habitat, while they contain fabulous energies, we are missing out on a valuable source of help. !

In short, being in harmony with our environment can preserve and support us on a daily basis by giving us access to a great source of energy!!


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