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Have you ever thought about the energetic map of your business premises ?

After two years that reshaped traditional working models, companies are now facing the challenge to adjust to the new reality of flexible models, implementing hybrid model, work for home, etc.

How to manage this transformation while boosting motivation, keeping the teams committed, support their work life balance and at the same time improve the economical results?

Have you ever thought about the energetic map of your premises?

Do you know if it supports your teams and your company?

Do you know if your teams are placed in the right area of your working place, according to the energy their roles is requiring?

In the right direction according to their personal profile so that they can be more efficient?

Each working space has a specific energetic map that will impact well-being, health, relationships, creativity together with the business performance and the capacity to build long-term results.

It is time for you to discover how Feng Shui can support your business. This art and science, coming from classical Chinese metaphysics, is like the acupuncture of the place. It is about how we, as individuals, place ourselves among our environment to embrace the energies that are naturally available to us in a way that will best support us and our activities.

In each working place, the energy will flow differently, which makes certain areas more favorable for activities that require focus and concentration, others more supportive of action taking, leadership exercise, and others will enhance creative activities or communication.

The idea of Feng Shui - placing people in the right place - is to save people’s energy by connecting them to the energy which is available to them in the environment, in the working place.

If a commercial role is in an area of the working place that does not bring the appropriate support, like for instance an energy of calm and peace, it may require that this person uses a lot of her/his own energy to do her/work whereas she/he could be supported if she/he was in an area which brings that energy of communication, relationship building, etc. She/he could then have less stress, be more efficient.

Beyond the placement of people in appropriate areas, if we want to go a bit deeper, we can also consider people individually, based on their personal energetic profile and identify what their best directions are to enhance either calm or creativity, relationships qualities, etc.

And if we want to go a bit deeper again, we can consider timing, not only to place people at the right place, but also at the right time.

Time being an energetic force in Chinese metaphysics, combining place and time enhances the Feng Shui of the place, bringing the energy of the timing into the energy of the place.

Some simplified forms of Feng Shui, that have reduced it to decoration or placement of objects, as you can see in many books today, bring confusion on this practice. They apply a one size fits all recipe, no matter the place.

As a classical Feng Shui expert, I am studying a wide range a data to build the energetic map of the place, in its unicity: the environment, urban and landscape elements, the orientation of the building to the nearest degree, its construction date, the floorplan, the interior design, the date of birth of the leader...

Depending on where you want to put the cursor in terms of precision of analysis and impact for employees and the company, Feng Shui offers this flexibility which allows, through the understanding of the energy map of the place, to optimise the placement of the teams in the company while supporting individuals in their vitality, motivation and commitment!

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