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Develop a new awareness of our homes: Feng Shui as a way of life

In our Western culture, the duality of the world in which we live is still very strong, even if gradually, the awareness that we are one with the universe is spreading in our societies through the tools and knowledge related to the procedures of personal and spiritual development, self-knowledge. We tend to be very much in the mind, which is still valued much more in our societies today than intuition and feeling. However, we are in permanent interaction with nature and we forget how it influences us, whether it is the moon, the place. And just because we don't see it doesn't mean that the energy in our environment doesn't influence us. We just need to take the time to observe what is happening around us: the influence of the Moon on the tides and the cycles of women, the influence of the seasons on nature, etc. By becoming aware of this unity, we then understand that we are influenced by the seas, the planets around us, the climate, our home, etc. and vice versa. Feng Shui, which is imbued with several influences, including the Tao, which establishes the principle of unity between man and the universe, thus places man between Heaven and Earth and considers him to be the guarantor of balance of this Sky-Man-Earth system, the Earth being the reflection of the Sky. By studying the environment and the place of life, we are then able to understand what is going on in ourselves. And in the same way, taking care of yourself will have repercussions on our interior and our environment.

This is where Feng Shui constitutes a real art of living that invites us to cooperate with nature and take care of it, rather than trying to dominate and control it, by making us aware of the importance of connection to our environment.

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