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A complete expertise of your space for a tailor-made, through and custom approach

Have you said goodbye to 2022, set your intentions and goals for 2023 in the different areas of your life?

So, how to put the odds on your side when you are going to make your decisions or launch important actions for you?

If the following speaks to you, I can help you!

For those who wish to fully benefit from the principles of traditional Feng Shui at home/at their workplace.

For those who wish to implement lasting changes in their lives, perfectly customised to the energetic footprint of each of each occupant of the place, based on their individual profiles.

This service can be carried out at different stages of your project:

- place where the plans are drawn up and the move-in done

renovation project

- building project

What can you expect from this consultation?

Yes, you can take actions, initiate projects, sign contracts, buy an apartment, move in, make important decisions at the right time for YOU according to your astrological birth profile.


Before telling me “but that's superstition! »... please listen to me please.

Chinese metaphysics teaches us that time carries energy and that actions initiated at a given moment will carry the energy of that moment. It is therefore importantant to choose the right moment before acting!


Each year / month / day / hour is tinged with an energy that is specific to it and whose characteristics will more or less support our actions according to our individual energy profile, taken from our birth information, our astrological sign of course.sure but not only!

You can see this as energy weather

Just as you look in the morning whether it is cold or not, whether it is raining or not to adapt your outfit before going out, you can know if a given day will support your actions, is neutral or if it is better than you wait a bit because you could then encounter obstacles, annoyances, delays, or even fail.

Even with the best strategy and the best mindset in the world, simply taking action is not enough if you want to ensure the sustainability and success of your initiative. You have to do the right deedGOOD TIME.

Your personalized 2023 Planner is what you need to accompany you throughout the energy year

Who is this offer for?

Launch an offer in your activity

Sign a business partnership

Sign a new employment contract

Start jobs

Move in

Choose a date for a wedding

Take a test

Pset the date of an operation

Schedule an interview


My secret ?

To design your personalized Planner, I use the technique known as "Date selection» and which is also used in Feng Shui when you want to position a bed or a sofa not only in the right place but also at the right time.


This technique relies of course on your chinese zodiac signbut also onofother more specific elementsAndaccurateof your complete astrological profile for an even finer and more personalized approach.

It consists in evaluating the harmony between the energetic qualities carried by a given day in a given month and the energetic qualities of your personal profile. 

What will you find in this planner? 

The personalized Planner 2023 as I designed it will tell you for each month of the energy year (until February 2024) the days that are favorable to you and those that it is better to avoid to launch actions or make important decisions. .

You will be able to identify the best days for you, according to what you want to do or according to the nuances of each because yes some are more or less good:  

  • Some are favorable to no one

  • Others are unfavorable for you especially

  • Others are neutral

  • some are good

  • other tops

  • Or downright great

You will also have the highlighting of particularly favorable days for certain domains:  

  • Professional projects

  • Love life

You will be able to identify what I call the "Golden Days" 

  • A handful of dates, which can be counted on the fingers of one or two hands, combine so many favorable elements for you that you won't want to miss them!  

This planner is a good tool for you if... 

Who is this offer for?

On the other hand, it's not for you if... 

I suggest you receive your personalized planner for the energy year 2023 at the very low price of 55 Euros / 50 GBP 

You can order it untilFebruary 4, 2023, date of the Chinese Solar New Year 2023. 

So do not hesitate to take advantage of it, for you and your loved ones!  

Don't miss this opportunity to use time as a new ally in your daily life for everything you care about! 

To order it, nothing could be simpler: fill in the form below and I will send you the details of what I need to design it. You will then receive your planner in pdf format that you can download and have close to you every day to guide you.

You can also put the different dates in your electronic diary for even more efficiency in your appointments if, like me, you use an electronic diary for your daily life!

Formulair Planner

To order your Personalized Planner 2023, fill out this form and I will send you the necessary elements for payment and design

See you soon !

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