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With Maison Alchimie, I am committed to helping you make your home or working space your best ally on a daily basis to to increase your well-being and your quality of life.

Carole Percet


Feng shui

Traditional Feng Shui is an answer to our growing need to take care of ourselves through our body, our mind, our environment. Our interior, which is our closest environment and which quality also depends on the environment that surrounds it, reflects who we are and what we experience. If we do not take care of it, if it is neglected, it could affect our daily life.

By becoming aware of our homes and offices and understanding how we interact with them, we are offered the possibility of finding harmony, fluidity and balance in our lives. This is the proposal of Feng Shui, which is both an ancestral art and science, by inviting us to make energy (re)circulate in a fluid way in our homes so that it brings this fluidity in the different areas of our lives.






Depending on your project (redecoration, renovation, construction) and / or your life issues (relational, professional, health-related or personal harmony), I offer tailor-made support. My goal is to make sure to reveal the power of your home or business space so that it becomes a source of energy that will support you and protect you as well as possible in your daily life.

I am London-based and also run remote consultations abroad provided certain technical criteria are met.

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